Vitra Bathrooms

VitrA's rich heritage can be traced back to 1909, when renowned Turkish pharmacist Süleyman Ferit Eczacibaşi began producing bathing and cologne products at his pharmacy in Izmir. In 1958 the company opened its first modern production plant dedicated to ceramic sanitaryware, following a surging demand for the material as marble lost its popularity. By 1966, VitrA was adopted as the brand name, a shortening of vitrify (to create something resembling the hardness and polish of glass) or vitrified products – ceramic ware. In order to diversify the company, a faucet production plant opened in 1979 – a strategic bid to offer complementary bathroom products alongside sanitaryware. Then an uncontested leader on the Turkish market, VitrA launched the brand internationally in 1983. Today VitrA is considered the leading global provider of a full range of bathroom components.

VitrA supplies millions of pieces of ceramic sanitaryware each year. Fifty percent of the brand’s production is sold abroad through a powerful distribution network that includes over 150 showrooms and 2,000 sales points, in major cities in over 75 countries on five continents.

Many things have changed since the outset in 1942, but VitrA draws on its proud heritage to create contemporary bathrooms and tiles with timeless appeal and accessible luxury.