Geberit AquaClean Mera Comfort Shower Toilet

Geberit AquaClean Mera Comfort Shower Toilet


Geberit AquaClean Shower Toilet – the toilet that cleans you with water!

Experience extraordinary comfort with the Geberit AquaClean shower toilet: a warm shower spray which provides hygienic cleanliness and unprecedented freshness. After the relaxing wash with water an adjustable warm-air dryer completes your individual pampering program

Application Purposes

  • for comfortable toilet use

  • for gentle cleaning of the anal and vaginal areas with water

  • rimless ceramic toilet with TurboFlush technology

Shower Toilet Functions

  • extendable anal shower arm with double nozzle can be set to 5 positions

  •  patented shower technology with rotating water spray for thorough, revitalising and water-saving cleaning (WhirlSpray)

  • integrated extendable lady shower nozzle for cleaning the vaginal area

  • oscillating spray (automatic forwards and reverse motion of the spray arm can be adjusted)

  • spray intensity can be set to 5 different levels

  • immediate and constant warm water via hybrid hot water system with continuous flow heater and storage water heater

  • temperature of shower water can be adjusted

  • extendable dryer arm with adjustable temperature is aimed to match the spray arm position and adapts to the different heat sensitivty for both wet and dry skin

  • water temperature: adjustable from 34-40 °C, default setting: 37 °C

  • shower duration: 30-50 seconds

Toilet hygiene

  • shower nozzle and dryer arm removable for easy cleaning

  • automatic pre-rinsing and post-rinsing of the spray nozzle with fresh water

  • without flush rim, there are no hidden areas available where dirt can collate

  • dirt-repellent ceramic surface for easy cleaning

  • flush technology with assymetrical internal geometry for a thorough and quiet flush (TurboFlush)

Toilet seat and lid

  • toilet seat with rapid heating function (adjustable temperature)

  • touchless opening and closing of toilet lid for more hygienic use

  • toilet seat stops itself when opening to prevent it hitting the wall (SoftOpening)

  • automatic closing of the toilet seat prevents a loud drop (SoftClosing)

  • toilet seat and lid are easily removable for cleaning

Further Highlights

  • up to 4 user profiles can be programmed

  • motion sensor enables many functions to start automatically as you approach the toilet (e.g. warm water, heated seat, orientation light, opening the lid)

  • automatic odour extraction with run-on function (with ceramic honeycomb filter)

  • simple operation via keypad or remote control

  • orientation light with 7 different colour settings (brightness adjustable) can be switched between permanently on, only on when dark or activated with a motion sensor (close, medium or far - independently from other motion sensor functions)

  • fully automatic descaling programme keeps water-bearing parts free from limescale

Water and Electrical Connection

  • water supply connection: concealed within the back of the ceramic toilet (left) or external (left, with accessories)

  • external mains connection: concealed within the back of the ceramic toilet (right) or with external power outlet on the right

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