Azzurra Thin Wall Hung Toilet 75cm

Azzurra Thin Wall Hung Toilet 75cm


Azzurra Thin Wall Hung Toilet 75cm

THIN is designed to serve as both a practical and mental tool for the architect: a wide range of sizes allows it to be placed in any type of area; it has a contemporary design with an obsession for the proportions that create light and thin shapes. Shapes belonging to memory, comfortable, proper, international.

In a world where energy efficiency in buildings has become dramatically important, Azzurra is the first company to patent sanitary wares able to flush with just 3 litres of water on every flush representing a 70% saving over traditional sanitary ware.

The real novelty is in the water release combined with this kind of shape that aims to save water while minimizing the consumption of flushing water thus consuming no more than 4.5 litres in a complete cycle.

Maximum comfort and extreme practicality: these is the characteristics of the new AZZURRA toilet seats. It can come off with a simple click in order to achieve great ease of cleaning and maximum hygiene.

In line with the new demands of increasing hygiene and basic lines, AZZURRA has developed a toilet without flushing rim.

  • water saving 70%

  • easy and fast cleaning

  • high visual hygienic level

  • Antibacterial and anti fungal treatment options

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