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Whether you’ve got a small guest bathroom space that needs a renovation or you’re creating a new master bathroom for your new room addition, designing a beautiful bathroom takes hard work, dedication and a good eye for what you want in your design. Our collections feature some of the finest luxury bathroom products in the world. We have organised them in accordance to their design influence.


Now you can be on the cutting edge of interior design by transforming your current bathroom into a contemporary oasis within your home. To start, become familiar with the five main elements of contemporary design:

clean lines, no clutter,limited ornamental accents, contrast & genuine materials.


modern classic

Modern design originated from a group of European designers and architects that graduated from the Bauhaus School of Design in the early 1920’s. These German students of “Modernism” honed the design philosophy of form over function and used a variety of industrial materials to help compliment the design. It was extremely popular up until it peaked in the 1960’s and today has found a resurgence thanks in part to modern technology in the bathroom



Traditional bathroom designs generally take inspiration from design trends, materials and decor connected to specific historical eras. Victorian and colonial styles come to mind when traditional design is mentioned, but in fact, this design style doesn't necessarily have to be overtly era-specific.