Matki adopt a completely design-lead approach, creating products which are different by design and endure in style and performance.

Their in-house design team has a high degree of expertise in designing bathroom products and each of its members brings experiences from across the UK Design scene. Matki is an innovator in bathroom product design and are constantly focused on creating products which will look and perform better, last longer and be easier to use and maintain.

Their commitment to quality is a personal matter, nurtured by long-standing teams over decades of experience and acute attention to detail.

Beginning in design development, they ensure each creation is challenged to surpass industry requirements, tested for endurance, stability and water retention giving customers true confidence in their products. In manufacture, they make every product to order in the United Kingdom, with every element assembled and finished by hand.

They invest in authentic, hand-built quality for a product that will truly stand the test of time in your home.