Hansgrohe ShowerTablet Select 300 Thermostatic Bath & Shower Mixer

Hansgrohe ShowerTablet Select 300 Thermostatic Bath & Shower Mixer


Compact in size and crisp in composition, the ShowerTablet Select 300 Thermostatic Bath and Shower Mixer contains everything that you could need for the combined bath and shower space. Utilising bold geometry, and materials that match in chrome, glass and white detail, this is a mixer unit that finds its place within the contemporary living quarters.

At just 300mm across, this is the smaller cousin of the Select 700 series of bath and shower controllers. Perfect for the smaller space, its design strengths lie in its simplicity of form and control. Easily understood signs and smooth controls ensure an intuitive operation of the shower or bath. Selecting between the two is quickly done by the function select tab, while the water temperature is finely tuned through the thermostatic valve.

With all parts exposed, this is a control valve that is quick to install and easy to maintain. For anyone with a bold vision of their shower space, this is a unit that fits the brief and comes from the highest pedigree of reliable German engineering and precise design.


  • ShowerTablet valve with two outlets

  • Suitable to supply a bath and a shower

  • Size: 302(w) x 160(d) x 74(h)mm

  • Safety stop set to 40 degrees C

  • Water inlet connections at 150mm

  • Valve width 300mm

  • White or white/chrome safety glass valve shelf

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