Hansgrohe ShowerSelect Glass Diverter for 3 Outlets

Hansgrohe ShowerSelect Glass Diverter for 3 Outlets


Designed to outlast short-lived fashion trends, this glass-fronted mixer from Hansgrohe is part of a stunningly visual range that will add ambience and a distinct continental flavour to any shower enclosure. Presented with a smart chrome surround, the fascia can be specified with contrasting black or white glass fronts and will match perfectly to any other products in the same line. Providing a fresh and powerful spray from each of its three outlets, any one of them can be selected with just the push of a button with the possibility of several being run at the same time such as with body jets.

A Hansgrohe iBox will be required for the installation along with a separate Hansgrohe Highflow Temperature Control Unit. A high-pressure water system above 1.0 bar will be needed to get the best from this unique mixer and with the ability to deliver a shower of up to 29 litres per minute, it can provide you with a wonderfully refreshing and invigorating shower.


  • Requires iBox universal concealed basic control valve 01800180

  • Minimum water pressure 1.0 Bar

  • Dimensions: 156(w) x 156(h) x 24(d)mm

  • Valve to control temperature and on/off must be ordered in addition

  • Choice of white or black glass with chrome details

  • Designed to divert to three outlets

  • Change the outlet at a push of a button

  • Multiple outlets can be run simultaneously

  • Flow rate: 29 litres/minute

  • Includes: buttons, faceplate, mixing unit

  • Wall-mounted design for a concealed valve

  • When installing  on a pumped system - the pump must have negative head switching

  • The iBox universal basic unit 01800180 is required

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