Hansgrohe RainSelect Concealed Shower Valve for 2 Outlets

Hansgrohe RainSelect Concealed Shower Valve for 2 Outlets


Hansgrohe's latest RainSelect range of shower controllers have been designed with easy use in mind and have a sturdy rectangular stance when mounted n the wall which appeals to your senses. With a working water pressure of 1.0 bar and above this unit really comes into its own and benefits from being able to run two outlets simultaneously using the Select controls on the front. The distinctive safety glass running the full length of the valve can be specified in either black, white or chrome to match in with your decor.

The thermostatic cartridge has a safety stop regulator preset to 40 degrees centigrade but this can be altered to be hotter or cooler during installation. An additional feature is the integrated shower holder which can support a Hansgrohe shower hose and handset (not included). We recommend you also buy the installation set which provides an efficient way to connect all the hidden pipework.


  • Hose and shower not included

  • Best installed with the concealed Basic Set to connect pipework

  • Requires high pressure of 1.0 bar and above

  • Overall dimensions: 456(w) x (84(d) x 87(h)mm

Main features:

  • Designed to run 2 outlets

  • Installation depth: from 46 to 74mm

  • Multiple outlets can be run simultaneously

  • Select push button on/off control for 2 outlets

  • thermostat cartridge, start/ stop cartridge

  • Safety stop at 40 degrees C

  • Maximum temperature can be adjusted on installation

  • Flow rate: 26 l/min at 3 bar

  • Operating pressure: Min. 1 bar/max. 10 bar

  • Integrated shower support

  • Cover: safety glass in white, black or chrome

  • If running with a pump, please specify a universal (negative head) pump

  • Required 15310810 basic set for installation

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