AXOR Citterio Shower & Raindance 120 Select Shower Kit

AXOR Citterio Shower & Raindance 120 Select Shower Kit


AXOR Raindance Select S 120 3jet Hand Shower

  • 3 spray modes:  Rain (powerful, pattering rain jet, ideal for washing hair), RainAir (lush soft, enriched rain jet), WhirlAir (a concentrated, pleasant massage spray)
  • shower head size: 125 mm
  • user-friendly solution without lever handles - the clever button sits on top of the mixer and lets the lever disappear (Select)
  • maximum flow rate (at 3 bar): 16 l/min.
  • with internal water conduction
  • rinseable dirt filter
  • 1/2" connection thread
  • fully chrome-plated spray face
  • soothing full, soft water jet enriched with air (AirPower)
  • limescale can be removed from the silicon naps with a simple wipe (QuickClean)

AXOR Shower Rail with Glider, 900 mm

  • chrome-plated wall supports of metal
  • support for shower hose with conical nuts
  • inclination angle can be adjusted by 30°

AXOR Isiflex Shower Hose, 1.60 m

  • high-quality metal effect shower hose
  • anti-microbial coating to reduce the presence of bacteria
  • pivot connectors prevent hose from tangling
  • kink-protected
  • larger inner diameter of 8 mm for higher flow rates
  • conical nuts at both ends
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