Bette Pool Oval Steel Inset Bath

Bette Pool Oval Steel Inset Bath


Bette Pool Super Steel Bath

  • Shape : Oval

  • Colour : White

  • Made from : sturdy titanium finished steel, refined with a unique BETTEGLAZE enamel finish, which is made using water, glass, quartz, borax and soda

  • Comes fitted with anti noise pad as standard

  • Bette steel baths are heat conducting, hygienic easy care, resistant to chemicals, scratch and impact resistant, UV resistant, and reassuringly robust

  • Designed by: Schmiddem, Berlin

  • Dimensions :

    • Length : 164cm (1640mm)

    • Width : 96cm (960mm)

    • Depth : 45cm (450mm)

    • Lying dimension : 121.5cm (1215mm)

  • Supplied with no tap holes

  • Volume : 174 Litres

  • The 45cm bath depth also enables larger people to completely submerge and relax

  • Spacious, body-contoured lying profile

  • 6cm higher water level from the slanting overflow

  • Broad head end for increased reclining comfort

  • Anti-slip base also available

  • Optional BETTEGLAZE Plus water repellent finish

  • Guarantee : 30 years from the manufacturer.

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