Bette Duo Steel Inset Bath

Bette Duo Steel Inset Bath


A smoothly sloping, scalloped interior gives this bath an unparalleled level of user comfort. Being double ended in design, it is equally comfortable to recline in no matter which end you choose to use. Fitted with a broad decking space, this is a tub that offers the user the space to apply their own preferred brassware, with room for almost any tap or mixer set.

Bette Duo Double Ended Super Steel Bath

  • Shape: Rectangular

  • Colour : White

  • Water volume : 143 Litres

  • centrally-positioned drain

  • Armrests in the bath provide additional comfort

  • Made from : sturdy titanium finished steel , refined with a unique BETTEGLAZE enamel finish, which is made using water, glass, quartz, borax and soda

  • Size:
    Length: 180cm (1800mm)
    Width: 80cm (800mm)
    Depth: 42cm (420mm)
    Lying dimension: 128cm (1280mm)

  • Bath with no tap hole

  • Fitted with anti noise pad as standard

  • Also available in BETTEGLAZE Plus (water repellent) finish

  • Bette steel baths are heat conducting, hygienic easy care, resistant to chemicals, scratch and impact resistant, UV resistant, made from sustainable materials and reassuringly robust

  • Strong and highly durable than other normal baths

  • Suitable to use with Single hand grip

  • Guarantee : 30 years from Bette

  • Manufacturing code of this bath is 3820.

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