Merlyn MStone Square Shower Tray

Merlyn MStone Square Shower Tray


Coming from one of the most well respected manufacturers of shower trays, the MStone 50mm Low Profile Square Shower Tray creates an unrivalled platform upon which to create a highly stylish shower space with all the benefits of a modern appearance and functionality.

Designed for use with the square shower cubicle in a corner i.e. Door and Side Panel or with one single door in a recess/alcove, this tray is supplied with three size options of 760, 800, or 900mm squared.

Created from a highly durable ABS dual skinned stone resin, it provides a solid and comfortable base for the shower cubicle. Coated in Senosan, this anti bacterial treatment gives a cleaner, fresher shower space that is a joy to use.

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