Fiora Silex Shower Tray Collection

Fiora Silex Shower Tray Collection


A collection of shower trays designed for comfort and safety. One of the main virtues of Silex is its adaptability.

5 models complete the family:

  • Avant

  • Extra-flat made-to-measure


  • Framed made-to-measure

  • Mixed

 The range offers numerous possibilities

  • 30 Size Combinations 

  • 5 Width Sizes 

  • 700mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm & 1100mm 

  • Maximum Dimensions : 2030mm(l) x 1000mm 

  • Shower Tray Height: 30mm 

  • Stainless Steel Square Drain 

  • Square Drain Dimensions: 128mm x 128mm 

  • Custom Sized Designer Shower Tray 

  • Pioneering design to guarantee perfect water drainage and hygiene 

  • Manufactured from the revolutionary Silexpol ‘stone’ material 

  • Unique material guaranteeing a safe and soft to the touch surface 

  • Nanotechnology Guarantees Antibacterial & Anti Fungicidal Qualities 

  • Class II Anti-Slip Surface – perfect for residential and commercial projects 

  • Includes Highest Quality Polished Stainless Steel Grate & Waste 

  • Innovative Designer Shower Tray that is easy to clean and maintain 

  • Turbo Flow Waste drains at a rate of 0.60 Litres per second 

  • Lightweight yet more robust and resistant than a standard shower tray 

  • Standard, easy and fast installation – the same as an acrylic/stone resin shower tray 

  • Option to increase the tray height to 90mm with additional skirting on request 

  • UNIQUE: It is also possible to personalise the colour of the shower tray by selecting a RAL colour or matching a specific paint name and brand with a 20% additional cost 

  • Patented Shower Tray – National & European Level: No 1.769.530 

  • 50% more ecological than a standard acrylic or stone resin shower tray 

  • Bespoke made in Spain 

  • All dimensions in MM 

  • Please Note: Smooth Finish only available in 800mm & 1000mm Width Trays

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