Clearwater Formoso Grande Clearstone Bath

Clearwater Formoso Grande Clearstone Bath


Utterly modern in its design, the Formoso Grande Clear Stone Bath projects a strong sense of clean, open living, fit for use in the bathroom space with a pared down, uncluttered finish. Designed by Clearwater, Formoso Grande is a triumph of design through simplicity. With its form inspired by the potential of its natural stone resin material, this beautiful tub takes on a crisp, simple form with a hand finished touch. Integrated into the bath is a single overflow slit, ensuring that full functionality is integrated with its pared down form. Unsuitable for use with rim mounted taps, this tub is easily paired with either freestanding, tall bath fillers or with wall mounted outlets for a cool, continental finish.


  • Measures 1690(w) x 570(h) x 800(d) mm

  • Weight 84kg

  • Capacity 277 litres (bath's capacity less 70 litres)

  • 0 tap holes

  • Without overflow but one can be drilled via the supplied template

  • Requires CW2 waste when no overflow is drilled

  • Use CW11 waste when overflow is drilled


  • 10 years from manufacturer

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