Bette Ocean Inset Bath

Bette Ocean Inset Bath


The Bette Ocean Super Steel Bath offers style and luxury in abundance, and this simple yet elegant rectangular design will fit seamlessly into any style of bathroom. This titanium finished steel bath comes with several benefits; it is coated with a protective BetteGlaze enamel finish to ensure it is resistant to stains, scratches and potential impacts, and is protected from dulling though cleaning or UV light. It also benefits from being able to retain heat for longer meaning you can relax and unwind for longer without having to top up. This spacious bath with a body-contoured profile and generous depth enables larger people to completely submerge and relax. The pristine white finish will look great with virtually any other items you may have in the bathroom.

  • Overflow is on the left hand side

  • Also available with right hand overflow

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