Bette Form Inset Steel Bath

Bette Form Inset Steel Bath


With its classic design and wide range of dimensions, the versatile BetteForm meets all requirements. Thanks to the ergonomic back angle, it also offers relaxed bathing comfort in small bathrooms.

Fashioned from 2.4mm thick titanium steel, Bette Form Super Steel Baths are built to last, making them a one-off, lifetime investment. Guaranteed for thirty years against manufacturing defects, Bette are proud to stand behind their products.

To provide even more convenience, these tubs come with either two tap holes pre-cut, or with a blank decking area to suit your own bespoke preferences such as wall mounted taps. As an optional upgrade, this bath can be supplied with BetteGlaze protective coating.


  • Ten different sizes

  • Zero or two tap-hole options

  • 2.4mm thick steel

  • Comfortable, single ended design

  • Antislip option

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