AXOR 240 2jet Overhead Shower

AXOR 240 2jet Overhead Shower


AXOR Designed by Front 240 2jet Overhead Shower with Ceiling Connection

  • shower head size: 279 mm

  • 2 spray modes: Rain (powerful, pattering rain jet, ideal for washing hair), RainAir (lush soft, enriched rain jet)

  • flow rate Rain (at 3 bar): 17 l/min

  • flow rate RainAir (at 3 bar): 16 l/min

  • spray type selection: Select button on overhead shower

  • fully chrome-plated spray face

  • material spray face: metal

  • spray disc removeable for cleaning

  • brass ceiling connector

  • ceiling connection length: 280 mm

  • installation type: ceiling

  • connection thread ½"

  • soothing full, soft water jet enriched with air (AirPower)

  • limescale can be removed from the silicon naps with a simple wipe (QuickClean)

  • large shower with optimum water distribution (XXL Performance)

  • comfortably switch between spray modes (Select)

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